EPIGEOM library documentation

EPIGEOM, a LGPL C++ stereovision library dedicated to handling 3D & 2D projection and reconstruction.

This C++ package is useful to anyone needing to do stereovision geometry related things : 3d reconstruction and 3d to 2d projection, ...

From the user's point of view, it is designed as a static library along with header files, and some test projects. It must be considered as research code, and might not be optimal for production code. However, it is fully functional.

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Sebastien Kramm

Release and status

Release 0.3.3 : 2011-03-02

This is still beta software, if you encounter any strange behavior, or if any strange error message occurs, please contact me with some code and used data exerpt. However, I am currently using it on a daily basis, and everything seems to be OK.

Licence : LGPL, version 3

The code is copyrighted Sebastien Kramm (C), and is released under the terms of the Library General Public Licence (LGPL), version 3. See included lgpl.txt file, or http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html


Absolutely no warranty is given on the correctness of this code, but at least you can check it yourself.


Bibliographical References


Thanks to Richard Hartley for kindly answering my questions about the selection of the correct right camera matrix.

Plans for next releases


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